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Katherine Calkins’ Equine Rehabilitation:


Your relationship with your equine does not need to be destroyed by injury/issues. His riding and show career does not need to end.  Katherine’s unique step-by-step steady approach to rehabilitation/conditioning is carefully structured to what your horse needs to get better.

Most horses can recover from tendon injuries, joint injuries, emotional/trust issues, weight gain/loss, older/geriatric horse, under/unconditioned horse, hoof injury, muscle tears/sprains/strains/injuries, pinched nerves, pain control/pain management if given the correct care.

One-on-one care tailored to your individual horse’s needs and your budget.  Rehab/Conditioning prices start at $700/month (including board), but will vary depending on complexity and requirements of the individual horse as decided upon jointly by Owner/Equine Professionals/Katherine Calkins.

Katherine is also available to evaluate your horse’s injury/issue at your facility. She will take into strong consideration your veterinarian/farrier/body-worker’s advice to come-up with a plan/time-line for your horse’s recovery.

On-Site Services Available:

Weekly Write-Up of Horse’s progress (included in base price)

Riding Rehabilitation/Conditioning (included in base price)

Controlled Exercise (included in base price)


Supervised Turn-Out


Hand Walking



Nutritional Help

Icing/Hosing/Wrapping Daily or Semi-Weekly

Scheduling/Handling of Vet/Farrier/Body Worker

References available from local veterinarians, body workers, farriers, trainers, and many satisfied customers.

** Prescription medications must be supplied by Owner of equine and Owner’s vet.

All horses entering the program must be current on dental, shots and farrier.